Goodbye For Now

Four years ago, I created this little music blog to share my favourite songs by independent artists.


Four years later and I am extremely grateful for the experiences that have come of it.

To my team, all around the world. The editors, designers and promoters. This site could not be as nearly as successful as it is today if it weren't for you and your tireless efforts and input.

To the artists, thank you for sharing your music- and I hope you continue to work towards your goals. The industry needs more raw and authentic sounds - and it is your passion that keeps it going.

To the readers, thank you for checking up on the blog every day and subscribing to the annoying email list - so you never missed out. You were at the core of this project and inspired the continuity of this site.

In the past 4 years, Fresh Out Of The Booth has published over 2500 articles, which will still be accessible via the all articles tab.

I will still be able to be contacted via email or Instagram.

I am taking a break from Fresh, in order to focus on my education and my next business venture. 

I hope to see Fresh revived in the near future - as there is still so much more work to do - and so much more sounds yet to be heard.

Noah Penza