ËlŸ Releases New EP 'ŸEN'

ËlŸ has released a new 4 track EP entitled 'ŸEN'.

This is an exciting new project from ËlŸ, filled with versatile and mellow flows, with some of the hottest beats right now in the industry.

The opening track 'Mean What You Say', is the perfect opening to the track. ËlŸ's mellow and hallowing flow really shines on this track, with crafty lyricism and a bouncy flow. This perfectly accompanies the easy beat.

The following track 'Foolery' is a lot harder. ËlŸ changes up his style and takes a more aggressive and powerful approach. The execution is perfect. This, with the addition of the hard-hitting beat, makes for the perfect track.

Next up is 'Mulla' - a more downtempo and soul-inducing track when compared to the earlier tracks on this EP. ËlŸ's signature mellow flow is back with this track, painting a narrative for the listener over a soulful beat. This is a beautiful track to just chill and relax to.

Lastly, the final track on this EP 'My Babe' - is the perfect conclusion for this EP. With a playful beat, consisting of some deep 808s, a trap-like drum pattern, and an addictive melody. I can guarantee you that the hook on this track will be stuck in your heads for days. I'm still humming it as I'm writing this piece.

This is a highly recommended EP and you can listen here: