We were fortunate enough to interview artist 2 ŁIŁ WIŁŁIE.

When did you realise that you had a passion for music?

I was 11 year old I saw master p cribs now I already was in love with the rap game but when I saw P house that made me start getting deeper into my studies of this game even though it wasn’t until I was 23 years old to put out my first song (ŁIŁ WILLIE - EAST) it was then I saw what became my vision CHILLPILLRECORDS and that the movement my passion was already in me before I was born music is in my blood my soul.

Who are your main inspirations as an artist?

My main inspiration come from master p ,snoop dogg ,jay-z, ray Charles.

What would you like to achieve as an artist?

As a Artist I would just like to be considered a real spitter I have big plans for me as a artist but my most concern is the lable CHILLPILLRECORDS if I could build that brand and help other artists grow and gain wealth as well as me that would a all time high on my goal list.

What is your most memorable moment while being an artist?

Mane I was recording my first song (LONEWOLF INTRO) the man was on FaceTime laughing at my music so I got a lil heated on the record cause a mutherfcker got me fucked up so I said wat I said during the beginning before the second verse I killed that verse off anger the verse was my life You had no choice but to feel it I haven’t had many experiences yet I’m fresh in the game.

Who is the biggest artist you’ve worked with?

@iammanaabellho who is also apart of CHILLPILLRECORDS she’s dope she gon be one of the hottest females in the game one day her talents are sky high potential to be a GOAT.

Tell us a little more about your recent project?

My recent project (LONEWOLF THE ALBUM) was real from the top to the bottom in my eyes it’s platinum because I’m not one who opens up but when I got in the booth the words came out the passion came out my heart was talking the album will always be number one to me cause that was real as it get.

What should we be looking forward to from you in the future?

Me and AnaaBell have a real real real dope single on the way it’s is a record I feel is really going to get us notice the video will be even better we also have a special album coming out that will be announced soon stay tuned to our YouTube (CHILLPILLRECORDS).

Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

I’m real from the tip of my hair to the bottom of my feet the game has been missing what we bring to the table the real heat real different Just a really fresh feel the music we put out is our life there no faking Over here we have many more artists that we will soon add to our label as we are growing in the future you will see us take over we are destined for @LILWIL_LIE @ANAABELLHO