Listen to "Missing Link EP" From Nick Murphy FKA Chet Faker

Nick Murphy FKA Chet Faker, famous for his songs such as "No Digitty", "Drop The Game", "Gold" and "Talk is Cheap" has released a new EP "Missing Link"

The EP consist of five tracks. It is possible that the cover of the EP published is divided into five sections.

A chin, a mouth, an eyeball and two more objects to symbolise a narrative amongst all five tracks, an image (or body part) to each track.

The track list of the EP is as follows:

1- Your Time - Prod Kaytranada

2- Bye

3- I'm Ready

4- Forget About Me

5- Weak Education

The track features Producer Kaytanada on the first track "Your Time"

The EP is available on Spotify: