Introducing XXXtentacion


XXXtentacion, a South Florida rapper who has gained success recently with songs such as "Look at Me!" With over 100 million listens on Soundcloud and over 70 million listens on Spotify.

Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy AKA XXXtentacion turned 19 in Early January 2017 and is rapidly growing his career faster then any other rapper in the country right now.

He's favourite rapper is Tupac Shakur, However, X is frequently found rapping aggressively over heavily distorted, unmixed beats. "Look at Me!" is a X's most popular song and good example of his #AlternativeRock style.

A more so relaxed song  where X takes a more R&B style and sings is "I don't wanna do this anymore". The song is about X's ex-girlfriend and it showcases the horror of X's relationship. 

 One of my personal favourite songs from X is "Riot". X takes more of a pollitcal stance in the song as he describes he hates the world we live in and all the hatred and violence. Which is ironic as X has a criminal record for breaking and entering and he is known for having the occasional brawl.

 X has support from other rappers such as DJ Carnage, iLoveMakinnen, Ugly God, Lil Bibby and ASAP Rocky.

  X met SkiMaskSlumpGod while in prison and they later collaborated in future songs, one being "TAKE A STEP BACK"

 X will continue to grow to be a famous rapper, however, he doesn't plan on finding a record label or studio anytime soon.