London Grammar "Truth Is A Beautiful Thing" Out June 2nd

London Grammar's 2nd album (Not including EP's or other remixes) following the trio's debut album in 2013, "If You Wait", is named "Truth Is A Beautiful Thing" and is set to be released June 2nd.

Noah Penza London Gramma Truth Is A Beautiful Thing

The first album "If You Wait" was about relationships and the upcoming album will be similar.

We can expect the slow paced London Grammar stereotypes, however, the theme of the album "Truth Is A Beautiful Thing" will most likely persist of the protagonist being lied to by their significant other, and is begging for the truth, as the truth provides more clarity then lies, and clarity is a beautiful thing.

The single, "Truth Is A Beautiful Thing" was released on YouTube, March 23 2017, as a promotion to the upcoming album by the trio.

The album will consist of eleven songs, so here is the full track-list for "Truth Is A Beautiful Thing":

01. Rooting For You 02. Big Picture 03. Wild Eyed 04. Oh Woman Oh Man 05. Hell To The Liars 06. Everyone Else 07. Non Believer 08. Bones of Ribbon 09. Who Am I 10. Leave The War With Me 11. Truth Is A Beautiful Thing