The Notorious B.I.G Would Have Been 45 Years Old Today. Here's Our Top 10 Biggie Tracks

At only Age 24, The Notorious B.I.G was shot in LA after attending a party with his Bad Boy Clique.

21 Years later and Biggie is still being remembered and celebrated as the best rapper of all time, still competing against 2pac for the title.

As a big Biggie fan, to celebrate the legends birthday, I have compiled a top ten favourite Notorious B.I.G songs in my personal opinion.

10 - Ten Crack Commandments

Ironic that this Biggie track is placed at number ten. The track talks about the art if hustle and Biggie list of the ten commandments (or rule) of hustling.

9 - Big Poppa

One of Biggie's most successful songs, the smooth track and flow is a unique and one of a kind track. Definitely a club hit but not a prised favourite for me. But the Barney edition is pretty funny.

8- Warning

"Warning" tells a story of burglars trying to stomp Biggie Small's for his riches and fame. The song has also inspired elements of Kanye West music like "Get Em High" The song is a vivid in the description of the narrative.

Warning/ The Notorious B.I.G

"Who the hell is this?

Paging me at 5:46In the morning,

crack of dawn"

Get Em High\ Kanye West

"N-n-n-n-n-now who the hell is this

E-mailing me at 11:26?

Telling me that she 36-26,

plus double-d"

7 - Kick In The Door

"Kick In The Door" starts with a very angry rapper skit and in the verses, Biggie kills all the rappers ripping him off. The song is dark and deep. The hook also makes the song complete.

6 - Who Shot Ya

One of the greatest rivals in American pop culture history. West coast vs East coast. The two rappers 2pac and Biggie Smalls started the rap beef when 2pac accused Biggie of sending out men to brutally bash 2pac. The rappers were before friends. 2pac then released the infamous song "Hit Em Up" and Biggie shot right back with "Who Shot Ya" Ooft.

5 - Goin Back To Cali

What's more to say about this song. Biggie returns back to California where he will be surrounded with beef and haters, but he embraces the west coast over a juicy west coast beat.

4 - Notorious Thugs

One of the more iconic Biggie Small's songs with a faster paced verse and rhymes that reminds you why Biggie was the greatest of all time. The rapper colabs with Bones Thugs n Harmony and popular rap lifestyle.

3 - Hypnotize

One of Biggie's most recognisable tracks, Smalls raps about the beautiful women he is surrounded by and how his flow and ways can hypnotise any lady. The song is a classic and one of my favourite Biggie songs to jam to on frequent occasions.

2 - Come On

One of the most infamous and notorious Biggie verses ever, Big brags about his fame and riches and the lavish yet hard knock rap life style he lives, only he can rap about. The track has memorable one liners that modern day artist use such as "Smackin babies at their christening". The line was later used by Joey Bada$$.

1 - Juicy

Ask any biggie fan, If" Juicy" isn't their favourite track, they have the wrong Big. Juicy talks about Big's struggle of having nothing and turning nothing into something just to feed his daughter. The track is uplifting and spreads a positive message. Anytime i'm feeling low, Juicy is a turn to song to lift the mood. The track also inspired my photography project back in Year 9, It got straight A's. So thank you Biggie.