Samurai Shin Will Release New EP "Prelude EP" and Comic! The Hip Hop World Meets Anime!

Samurai Shin, created by Mikel Miles and Ivan Ear Aguilar, will be releasing a new EP, by the title, "Prelude EP" June 24th of this year and his comic on July 3rd.

Samurai Shin is highly influenced by anime comics such as Afro Samurai, Samurai Champloo and Sword Of The Stranger. All popular comics within the Japanese culture and the world.

"Prelude EP" Features The Boondocks Emcee "Metaphor The Great" and Underground Emcee "Torae" with More Indie Artists & Producers Kuro Silence , DP (From Chill Squad), Core Demostration, Nodfather, Xia-Dawn, Keem The Cipher & Anime Voice Actor "Daman Mills". It will also have a 10 Page Free Demo Manga Of Samurai Shin Issue 1.5. This will all be released June 24 of 2017.

Samurai Shin will also be releasing his comic "Samurai Shin Issue 1.5" with 30 + pages on July 3rd to accompany his LP. The comic will be available for purchase on Peep Game Comix.

Mikel Miles and Ivan Earl Aguilar are the two creative minds behind Samurai Shin, a Hip-Hop inspired manga/comic and Soundtrack the two launched last year. Things Are Different, Mikel Miles & Ivan Ear Aguilar Added Some Needed Help With Illustrators Such as Sukma Agustriyana, Fahmi Fauzi, Harley Dela Cruz & Editor Lavender Khan.

Samurai Shin also have a soundtrack on Sound cloud called "Samurai Shin OST 1", which is nine tracks long, features Kuro Silence, P.SOUL , Xia-Dawn , Chill $quad and Almighty Wonderland. The collection also accompanies the comic available for purchase today titled, "Samurai Shin #1"

I am particularly excited for the "Prelude LP" as the music in Samurai's latest soundtrack was a step back and unique from modern day rap, and as a music enthusiast, It's something I like to see in the industry.

The illustrations of the comics are beautiful thanks to the work of the Samurai Shin team, Sukma Agustriyana, Fahmi Fauzi, Harley Dela Cruz & Editor Lavender Khan.

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Prelude LP - Coming June 24th

Samurai Shin Issue 1.5 - Coming July 3rd

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