Madchild's New Song "White Tyson" Out Now!

Madchild, a Canadian rapper who has grossed a few hundred thousand followers and been proclaimed one of Spotify's "Best Canadian Rappers" has dropped a new song, "White Tyson" prior to his new album release, "The Darkest Hour"

"White Tyson" is a hard track, were Madchild compares himself to the white version of Mike Tyson (A great boxer) in his prime. The track is well mixed together by Rob The Viking, to create punchy vocals and a great bass. I recommend this song to anyone who is into rap or more specifically Eminem and Yelawolf, to go check out Madchild's work, and pre order his upcoming album "The Darkest Hour" as it is going to be one of his best work yet. His upcoming album will be released on July 28th.

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