The Sickening Truth About Jay Z and Tidal And Why I'll Never Promote Tidal Exclusives

Now don't mistake me for writing this article just to take shots at Jay-Z because he's music is becoming absolute. I'm writing this because Jay-Z has taken the true meaning behind music and affected it in a negative way.

Jay-Z makes it hard and costly for fans to listen to his message, so he can benefit himself over other artist in the music industry, here's why.

Recently, I was notified that Jay-Z's new album, "4:44" was released and I was excited to listen to the new album and promote it on Fresh Out Of The Booth, and I was a fan of Jay-Z's earlier work. However, I encountered a major set back.

I was looking for Jay-Z's music on spotify and I was greeted with some whack playlist someone made compiling other artist with...

So from here, I proceeded to iTunes to find some of his older albums no one cared about anymore and some Kanye West ( I still love Kanye West however because unlike Jay-Z, he isn't afraid to let his albums be on Spotify and other streaming services).

I then realise that the album 4:44 everyone is raving about is exclusive to Tidal, a streaming service Jay-Z himself, created so that he and other artist could recieve more royalties for their music that they create, by making the music exclusive to this one, overpriced streaming service.

This lead me to a twitter rant.

Answer me this, as a musician, would you promote yourself as wanting people to hear what you have to say and not make a dime, or make money and have no one hear what you have to say. The point of literature and music is to express feelings, emotions and experiences so fans can vibe with you. Jay- Z has made it almost impossible for the average fan to listen to his music with his over priced streaming service that claims to offer a Hi-Fidelity sound.

There is a $20 cost to use Tidal in Hi-Fi, yeah no thanks Jay-Z.

I'm sure 4:44 is probaly an alright album, until i figured out you can listen to the first 40 seconds of each track on the album on tidal for free. I wish I never did.

4:44 sounds compressed on the trial, the lyrics in "Kill Jay-Z" are repetitive and kinda makes me want to enforce the action of the title.

The only song I was looking forward to is, "The Story Of OJ' but thanks to Jay-Z's iconic rap style, the first 40 seconds was only samples and Jay-Z starting to mumble the N word and basically ad lib.

Listen with caution:

So Jay-Z, keep it real, and reconsider about what Tidal is really offering for your declining fans, rather then yourself and your own wealth.


It is rumoured that in one week Jay-Z will release the 4:44 album on iTunes and Spotify. If this is the case, I will take down this article on the release.