Aaron Beri's New Album "Avalanche" Available Now!

Australian-based singer song-writer, Aaron Beri is preparing to head home to Europe to showcase his debut album, Avalanche.

Noah Penza

The soul and R&B soundtrack to Aaron’s childhood heavily influenced his own musical style, as the album’s delicious ballads, filled with emotional lyrics, and impressive harmonies, add a modern twist to a sound reminiscent of 80s classics. Aaron’s mother can be credited with introducing him to the music that would go on to influence his career, he said, “I can vividly remember sitting in the back of my mum’s car jamming to Michael & Janet Jackson’s ‘Scream’, Aerosmith’s ‘Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing’, and Toni Braxton’s ‘Unbreak My Heart’. These artists have always stuck with me.”

The album is personal for Beri, who wrote all of the songs, with much of the focus being on the complexities of relationships. “The 9 tracks of this album very much tell a story. I named it Avalanche as the tracks are about the cold and destructive side of love.” This can be felt clearly in lead single, Kingdom Falls, a haunting ballad produced by Aria nominee, Peter Holz, and Mastered by Grammy award winner, William Bowden.

Currently in the process of working on a 5 track EP and single both set for release in late 2017, Aaron thinks his new project is a departure from his current sound, “My style has evolved in such a short space of time, and I think people will be shocked at the difference between Avalanche and this new project. The sound is bolder, stronger, and edgier. There is even going to be a music video or two, so we are extremely busy planning.”

One thing is for certain, the future looks both busy, and bright, for this talented new artist.

Singer song-writer, Aaron Beri, has recently released his debut memoir-based album, Avalanche. Based on the complexities of relationships, a theme everyone can relate to, the album is very much a personal story. Produced by Aria nominee, Peter Holz, and Mastered by Grammy award winner, William Bowden, the future is bright for this talented artist, who is soon to travel home to Europe to share his music with new audiences.

Originally from the West Midlands of England, Aaron Beri now resides in Sydney, Australia. The inspiration for Avalanche came to Aaron while he was living in New York, with the lead single, Kingdom Falls, being one you don’t want to miss.

Immersed in a variety of music tastes by his parents from a young age, Aaron credits soul and R&B as his main influences, and his love for the legends is clear, citing the greats such as Michael Jackson, Diane Warren, and Aretha Franklin as just some of his favourites. Singing and performing since he was a young child, Aaron’s passion for music, song-writing, and the industry is contagious.

Having written all of the tracks on his debut release, which includes some impressive harmonies, he is already working on a 5 track EP and single, due for release in late 2017. His latest project, which will include the release of a music video, is a departure from Avalanche, with a bolder, stronger, and edgier sound.

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