Plike's New EP “Bending Spoons” OUT NOW!

Solo dark electronica artist Plike has released a 5 track list EP available for streaming and purchase now.

Noah Penza

At first I did not know what to expect when listening to this EP because the genre didn't depict my listening style. However, after streaming the entire EP on loop, I can grantee you that Bending Spoons is an unforgettable EP with use of unheard of samples and music that moves the inner body and a powerful dark set of tracks are produced.

Plike told us that she isn't the vocalist, even though she wish she was, but her role in her music consist of songwriting, composing, producing, editing, mixing and mastering the tracks.

The vocals heard throughout the EP are of artist Zara Taylor and Linda Strawberry.

Therefore, if you want something different to listen to, check out Pike's latest project "Bending Spoons" on one of the links provided below. I recommend you also purchase the album to support the hard working and dedicated artist.

The track list for the Bending Spoons EP is as follows:

1- Clocked

2- The Destruction of Wonderland

3-  Black Swan

4-  Scarecrow

5-  Archangel (Feat. Ash)

Here are links to Plike's EP:

Purchase at: