Novel "Hooly" The GOAT Set To Release Three New FIRE Singles!

Novel "Hooly" The GOAT from Harlem, New York , is set to release three new hard hip hop tracks.

Hooly, A soundcloud rapper, has got some bars for you to listen to and vibe to. He's lyrics can be aggressive, but Hooly does it so well.

The beat Hooly raps over are refreshing and gets the crowd moving. Hooly is an underrated rapper and you can expect him to be big in the future as an A-list rapper.

Hooly previewed to us three of his upcoming singles, I Got The Juice, My Yamm Thang and Litboi. We were beyond impressed of what he accomplished and have been not-stop vibing to his music.

If you are into new-age hip hop, I definitely recommend you go and check out Hooly's sound cloud, and experience he's hard bars and refreshing beats for yourself.


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