Guest Actors Release New Single, "By Demand" From Upcoming LP. It Feels Glorious and Magic

Guest Actors, a band orginally from Israel, have released their song "By Demand" from their LP, "Under Those Silent Skies", which comes out on October 10.

The track excites me for the upcoming LP, as the track is slow and smooth and a song to play to relax to.

'Alternative indie rock band Guest Actors comprises of Avi Ilani, Shaked Yaakov, Yoni Talias and Matan Wexler. Performing and recording since 2015, the band note Arcade Fire, Coldplay and Leonard Cohen among their influences.

Originally from Tel Aviv, Israel, Guest Actors have developed a unique musical style that effortlessly fuses contemporary rock with indie flavours and a touch of the ethereal. The band first started performing in Tel Aviv in March 2016 with a self-published EP, followed by a return to the studio, a change in lead guitarist and an even fresher sound.

Guest Actors have since been performing, rehearsing and promoting their brand new LP, building a catalogue of performances across the city. Two new singles, “When Everything Ends” and “True”, have been released from the LP with accompanying videos in the works for two more tracks.

Described by as “hypnotic and engaging”, the track “When Everything Ends” is a dreamy offering taking the listener on a journey through a wild afterlife reverie. Typical of the band’s fluid yet distinctive sound, their second single “True” combines a rhythmic energy with lyrics that err on the side of existential.

Upcoming lead single and the third release from the LP, “By Demand” is set to be another innovative track that showcases the band’s passion and creative flair.

The rest of the year and 2018 will see Guest Actors performing the new LP, touring and recording new material. With their undeniable dedication and natural born talent alongside a distinctive, sensory indie style, the band are looking at an exciting future in the industry.'

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