YourOwnMusic CEO Eddie Vegas Drops Grime Track.

Uk rapper and bushiness man Eddie Vegas has dropped an exclusive grime track on his Sound-cloud. Eddie Vegas is also well known for his CEO role in YourOwnMusic and his rap career starting from a relatively young age.

Eddie Vegas Linkin - noah penza

The grime track is called Linkin and starts with some hi-hats and leads into some powerful lyrics. This then creates an energy track with a great bass. The track provides hype and is just overall a great song to listen to. The track also features Paperboi.

The track has a mix of trap, electronic and grime. The mix gives an exclusive UK vibe and is a well mixed to compose a great song.

Vega's is growing on sound-cloud, he currently has 14,000 followers on his sound-cloud. The track itself also has an impressive 5.5M plays.