Paul Butcher Releases Strong EDM-POP Hit "Ain't Hurtin Nobody"

Paul Butcher, (best known for his acting in Nickelodeon projects such as Zoey 101, Meet The Robinsons and Barnyard) has now pursued the music career with a fun new EDM-pop hit, "Ain't Hurtin Nobody".

Paul Butcher Ain't Hurting Nobody

The song's lyrics are fun and light. With a recognisable tune after a few listens, this song has the potential to be a top-charting song. The song has characteristics of a modern pop song and is well composed.

Paul Butcher has done a fantastic job and will continue to pursue his music career with continuous hits to make the listener groove.

You can listen to Paul's latest song, "Ain't Hurtin Nobody" with the following links:

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