5 New Artist You Should Check Out

Here is a quick list of 5 new starting artist you should check out.

Dap Fosheez

Dap Fosheez grabs the mic and peforms with confidence and ease. His style is rare, acquired taste that would leave you desiring more.

You can check out his music at soundcloud.com/dapfosheez

Vibey B

Vibey B consistently puts his best effort into his music. Its an escape from the realities we face in the world today. We all need a place to go , a getaway - www.soundcloud.com/vibeyb is where he goes! And would love you to join him. Check out his music today!

Carl Sherron

Carl Sherron was born and raised in the Bronx. His music is a product of where I am from.He always try to shape the music around the environment and personal experiences.He's been featured on Hot97.He's performed alongside Ratking and Iggy Azaliea at Culture Shock! Carl is working on a new album;rumored

to drop very soon!


Godson is an illustrator, producer, songwriter and vocalist in SoCal (Southern California).He sings and rap;specializing in R&B, Hip Hop and Jazz music.Godson is the co-owner of Destiny Music Publishing, LL

C and his artwork and music can be found in online stores by simply typing Godson in your google search engine!

Vance Skillz

Check out Vance Skillz. Bronx born and raised, song AAMG on Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/killz-