Fresh Out Of The Booth - The Mission

On May 10, 2017, Fresh Out Of The Booth was created. At the time, it was a simple blog with not much to it, but soon the blog would rapidly grow and in 3 months, become something truly amazing.

It started off as just a twitter handle @footbmusic , with about 12 followers within the first couple of days. The mission was to notify the public of upcoming releases by new artist, as it became increasingly harder with so many options of new music being released daily, and randomly.

The brand expanded into a website after being present on Twitter for a little while. The website domain was signed on May 10 and thus begins the Fresh Out Of The Booth brand.

Within the first week, 15,000 visitors were attracted to the website after an immense amount of sharing on Social Media. Visitors from all over the world were unified with music and Fresh Out Of The Booth's musical commentary.

Fresh Out Of The Booth then decided to shine the spotlight on growing artist, by writing sponsored post for willing artist, to promote their music and have their voices heard. ( You can visit this link if you are interested in being featured in an article).

More and more artist everyday became involved with the brand, Promoting just over 40 artist, and it doesn't end there.

Fresh Out Of The Booth also started a Merchandise store which is sucessful within itseelf and plans to release season 2 of the line in the near future. You can check out Fresh Out Of The Booth Merchandise Here.

Within three months, Fresh Out Of The Booth is just under 50,000 readers and over 20,000 Twitter followers. On Fiver, the brand has a 5 star ratting on performance and customer satisfactory. The lowest rating being a 4.5 / 5. The website has also gone through tremendous design changes through the past three months.

The brand will continue to grow bigger and better, and continue the mission of promoting independent artist, and notifying fans of new album releases.

Thank You