YourOwnMusic CEO Eddie Vegas is Breaking down The Grime Door!

Eddie Vegas is currently living in the United Kingdom and running his business "YourOwnMusic" as the CEO. We interviewed Vegas briefly to promote his business.

YourOwnMusic helps promote artist's discography and new music by managing and distributing the content to music blogs (Such as Fresh Out Of The Booth) so the artist can grow a new fan base and have their voices heard.

"Our overall mission is to promote good music ... The motive was to promote good music" Vegas told us in an interview.

The business is operated within the United Kingdom, and has expanded globally, attracting 5000 artist since the launch in 2015.

A prodominate genre within the company that is being promoted is Grime rap. A genre of music that originated in London in the 2000s. It's rapping revolving gritty depictions of urban life.

When asked about the most prestigious artist Vega's has worked with, he answered "Bugzy Malone". Bugzy is one of the more prominent of the Grime genre. He was born in Manchester, and has two EP's and One Album.

Vega's has an immense amount of potential and will strive to grow his business everyday.

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