SPANK Releases Wavy New Single "Next To Me"

Marcus Flenn, better known by his artist name SPANK, is a rapper from Denver. He has released his new single, "Next To Me"

Spank - Next To Me Album Artwork

The song has an ambient and wavy feel to the groove produced by $lim $hino. The track fits well with Spank's vocals, and provides overall a great song to listen to.

The song has a girl-problem vibe to it and the lyrics tell a powerful story. He explains how it can be hard and emotional, so SPANK needs his girl by his side. He talks about consuming drugs to try and numb the pain and forget about her, but nothing will fix whats happened until he gets back with his ex-girlfrend.

Spank has an immense amount of potential and is on a great start to becoming a professional artist.