Psyfer's Album "Million Lights" Review | Storytelling In Rap At It's Finest

I want to share with you an album that is not what you would expect. There are countless albums by rappers out there that are purely a collection of song and fit into one theme. Psyfer however has taken on a challenge. The Brooklyn rapper has created a narrative through the album to tell a fictional story but with very real themes many people experience today. The storytelling can be seen as an influence by Kendrick Lamar's album "To Pimp A Butterfly". Psyfer however has his own twist on the album.

The album features the protagonist Chris King ( A persona of Psyfer). When Chris King is on his way to New York, he falls asleep on a bus that very night, and wakes up where he's chasing his dreams as the hip-hop artist, Cable. The themes of Drugs, Sex & hip hop play the strong main themes of the album, as Psyfer is trapped between to female in a Dreamland. The story doesn't finish there however.

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The album starts off with the song, "Million Lights", but the narrative truly begins in the following song "Replays" which has a captivating start. Replays has a restive alarm clock and hook that personifies the song and makes the story telling dynamic. The listener feels involved when listening to the album, especially when the song is themed around Deja Vu. The reptitve elements of the song makes the listener feel as they are in a deja vu, and experiencing the same feelings as Psyfer.

"No Id" is more of a political track, the beat is mellow and refers to the racism commonly found in police enforcements. There is a shooting sound effect to emulate the dangers people encounter. The track is politically well composed.

"9am" is a following song that refers to the movie trilogy "Back To The Future" and the protagonist, Marty

Mcfly. Side note, the album artwork symbolises a Delorean, a common motif found in the movie trilogy. The song also themes sex, drugs and being trapped between two lustful females.

This song then concludes and leads into the song Pasadena (My Side Bae Story). Pasadena has a flirtatious beat with clear lyrics which portray the story and the persona perfectly.

Before "3pm", is the track, "Real", which can be considered as a hood anthem. "3pm" I believe is the best way of Psyfer living in the dreamland, a representation of what the rapper aspires to be. The song showcases success and the lavish lifestyle of expensive clothes, radio plays and driving in topless cars around New York City with a girl by his side.

This song then leads into the next "The Devils Advocate" and personally, my favourite track by Psyfer. The track is one of the more aggressive on the album, with a powerful and punchy bass. Through the song, He leaves a voicemail on a girls phone, telling her to meet up at the beach, because Psyfer has a gift for her. I want you to be able to experience what happens next in the album instead of reading it here in an article. A twist in the story, amplifies Psyfer's story telling strengths. The album has strong themes, a favourable rhythm and beat, clear story telling elements and a talented array and use of imagery.

The album Psyfer has created is simply put, a master piece. Please put your time aside to listen to this powerful story telling that we don't see all too much in modern day rap.

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