LLANE-A & VP Drop A Club Banger, "I Don't"

LLANE-A's intention was to create a club song, and he has successfully crafted a club banger titled, "I Don't". The project was mixed by LLANE-A and Australian Producer Crooked City, featured rapper VP, mastered by a NYC engineer, Alex Psaroudakis, and finally, the artwork was created by Alex Forsey from the UK.


The song has a powerful vibe and groove and can get any group of music-lovers turnt up. The track is well composed by a mix of international musicians. LLANE-A recorded his verse in his home studio, and pulled off a project that sounds professional and like a radio play.

The intention of the song explained by LLANE-A was to have a club song to have people get turnt up to, and in my professional opinion, I believe the intent was achieved with flying colors. The song has multiple elements of a club song, and have been appropriately used.

Check out "I Don't" right now.

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