Angus & Julia Stone Set To Release New Album "Snow" September 15th

Angus & Julia Stone, once famous for their hit single, "Big Jet Plane" will release their new album "Snow" on September 15th. It is an exciting time for the brother-sister duo, but will it be as successful as previous albums?

Angus & Julia Stone - Snow

To say that Angus & Julia Stone are irrelevant after 2010, is a misleading statement. Since they're successful album in 2010, "Down The Way", which featured their hit song, "Big Jet Plane", The duo since have had another hit in 2014 "A Heartbreak". The song happened to be the leading single in their 2014 album, self-titled "Angus & Julia Stone".

Even though the years since 2014 have been inactive for the Australian duo, It is still expected the upcoming album will be a success, with their song from their upcoming album titled "Snow" has already received over 3M listens on Spotify. It can not be compared to the 67M listens "Big Jet Plane" recieved, however, when can expect the upcoming album to be successful in the sales, and may even be the rebirth to the music careers the duo desires.

The album, "Snow" will be released on September 15. Close to the date of the anniversary of the duo's first full length album, "A Book Like This" which was released on September 8th, 2007.

We are unaware of any features on the album, however we have the tracklist for the album. It is twelve songs long and 3 of the 12 songs have already been released.

1- Snow

2- Oakwood

3- Chateau

4- Cellar Door

5- Sleep Alone

6- Make It Out Alive

7- Who Do You Think You Are

8- Nothing Else

9- My House Your House

10- Bloodhound

11- Baudelaire

12- Sylvester Stallone