Should Logic come out of Retirement now that he is at the Peek of his Popularity?

Logic announced at the release of his latest album "Everybody" that the album would be his last, and quite frankly, for three months, the vast majority of popular culture (Or all MTV viewers) didn't really know who Logic was. This then changed however three months after the release of the album, when Logic performed his song from the album "1800-273-8255" at the MTV VMA awards.

Logic VMA

It is evident that Logic benefit immensely from this performance, as he had no songs on the Global 100 before the performance, and now the song performed is number 8 on the Spotify global charts. Additionally, after the performance, the rapper's follower count on twitter increased by 240,000 followers after the performance, in comparison to the 10,000 followers he was getting monthly , earlier in the year.

The performed song "1800-273-8255", is an awareness song to suicide. Logic told Genius that his intention of the song was to reach out to the fans, and save them. The song features new artist Khalid and Canadian song-writer Alessia Cara.

The song was successful in it's efforts to raise awareness to suicide, and let victims know that there is someone out there to help, with an increase of suicide hotline calls made, shortly after the performance.

Now that we have established that Logic has power to create a movement, what else does he have up his sleeve?

On May 14th, we posted a review on Logics album "Everybody" and we made a statement:

"I would recommend checking out the "Everybody" album by Logic, but don't get too attached, this will be his last work.

Well, that's what we've been told."

A strategic move would be to capitalise what gave him such the popularity and what he has a talent for; To make another album, relating to social justice issues and move away from racism as much, as that was heavily covered in "Everybody" and he's point has already been established.

However, Logic controls his own career and even though he said the album "Everybody" would be his last Album, that doesn't stop the possibility of the rapper releasing some singles or an EP.