YourOwnMusic Presents RivaSoul "Outlaw" Feat Young Noble & Tigerstyle

Rivasoul has teamed up with Young Noble from Tupac Shakur's rap group, "Outlawz" and Tigerstyle to drop a new hit. "Outlaw"

Rivasoul is from London, England, and he has gifted us with this blessing of a song, that is like none other.

The track just dropped and is available on Itunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and more. There is also a hard hitting music video to accompany the track, which was well produced.

The track's hook is sung by Tigerstyle. The hook is fresh, new and completes the song.

Additionally, Young Noble was featured on this track, popular for his work with Tupac Shukur, when he was in the rapping group, "Outlawz".

The song fits Young Noble's style and theme of being an outlaw, and the therefore, the song is a complete.

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