Psyfer's Mixtape "The Post Graduation Era" Review | A salute to Kanye West's &quot

Psyfer's new mix tape, "The Post Graduation Era" as a tribute to Kanye West's album, "Graduation" 10 year anniversary. The mixtape is eleven tracks long,can be found on Psyfer's sound cloud.

Psyfer tells us that the mix-tape, "The Post Graduation Era", was made in hopes that the listener will find their way through life, with the hardships and setbacks. He goes on to tell us the the mix-tape is about being true to yourself and finding the balance.

The mixtape is different and unlike anything you've heard before. It is not a recreation of Graduation, not in the slightest, but the message, meaning and themes represent Graduation, and the influence is evident.

Psyfer is passionate about his work, and this project is evident to Psyfers hard work and dedication. The lyrics and beat production are unique and his style.

The mixtape is a complation of deep, slow and meaningful messages, and the intention of having the listener find their way through life, with the hardships and setbacks, was achieved.

There is also a video available for one of the song's tracks, "Little Brother"

The Brooklyn rapper is also well known for his album, "Million Lights".