LLANE-A Drops A Fresh New Track, "Mine"

LLANE-A has just released a new RnB styled song, explaining his previous relationship titled, "Mine". Featured on the track is french singer, "Kinnie Lane"

LLANE-A told us that three months ago, he was messing around and producing the elegant beat we hear today. He then felt that he could make it a song, so he put his emotions about his previous relationship to paper and composed a few verses.

While he was creating the song, he found a French singer by the name of Kinnie Lane, as he felt like the track needed a female vocal chorus. The vocals were sent and LLANE-A was pleased with her work. He said, "The lyrics, the delivery, harmonies. They were pretty nice ans smooth so I kept working on them and mixing the whole project"

While working on the project, LLANE-A was in the studio with some friends, coming up with ideas to make the song even better. They were dedicated to track and worked on it for hours on end, day and night.

The final step was to have the track mastered, So LLANE-A sent the track to his friend Alex Psaroudakis from Sterling Sound for mastering.

The end result we have is a great track to listen to, crafted to perfection by so many talents. You can listen to the track here: