OnPlanetZu's Releases New Hard Track "When I Become Famous"

From his new album , "I Am As Famous As Wah", OnPlanetZu has released the track "When I Become Famous". A 90s vibed track.

Onplanetzu just finished up his album with legendary rap group Wutang Ol Dirty Bastard Jr Ol Dirty Bastard Son, who left behind to carry on his legacy. His new single got the streets buzzing with his hit< "Rude Boys ANTHEM". From The Album 'I Am Famous As Wah'

The featured track on the album, " When I Become Famous", has a 90's old school hip hop feel to the production and is well executed. The beat does however have an EDM and electronica factor, to modernise the track.

The track has received great feedback on sound-cloud by OnPlanetZu's fan-base.

The track is well worth listening to and you can purchase his album on Bandcamp

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