Alternative Country Singer Ray William Roldan Releases New Song "Daisy And Hank"

Alternative country singer Ray William Roldan has released a new song "Daisy And Hank" on his sound-cloud.

The song feels different from many other country songs, Roldan has exectuted the countru song for a more chilled and modern vibe to the song. A song that anybody can enjoy, and just not country music enthusiset.

The song has repetitive symbolisims such as "Love will fill the tank" to add to the emotion Roldan needs to express.

Roldan has well and truly performed this track "Daisy and Hank" to the best of his emotive ability, even bringing a tear to the strong mans eye.

If you want something different to listen to, look no further then this new track, "Daisy and Hank" by Ray William Roldan.