Camryn Levert's New Song "Let Go" And Music Video

Camrrn Levert has released a hot new pop song titled, "Let Go" accompanied by a romantic new music video.

The song has a teenage love story feel to it, and comes packaged with some great beats produced by Swagg R'Celious. The vocals provided by Levert are top of the tier perfection. The track is easy to chill and listen to, it sounds like a song you'll expect to hear on the Billboard charts one day in the near future.

On top of this brand new track we have been given, A music video has been provided with the track, with over 20,000 views on YouTube and a 100% approval ratting.

The track features a couple, Levert and her romantic interest, on the beach, at the fair, and participating in summer vibe activities together. The music video gives a sense of happiness, and it was a pleasure to watch.