Blow_Flyy Releases A Leading Single From His Album "Born To Dream"

Canadian rapper, Blow_Flyy , has released a new song titled "Paparazzi" from his album, "Born To Dream", accompanied by a audio visual clip, released on Youtube.

The track is about wanting the fame, and the neediness for a paparazzi so his music can be heard and leave a legacy. The flow is professional, perfected and unique.

With this track comes an audio visual on Youtube, which is aesthetically pleasing to look at. The logo is in sync to bounce and increase exposure every time a bass is felt, a nice touch to the project.

You can view the project here:

The track is fresh out of the artist's album, "Born To Dream", an interesting album where you will find the same unique qualities and stylish flow from this song, "Paparazzi"

I would recomend checking out this track if you are into Hip-Hop, and checking out the artist's album, if you like the track.