Atman Drops A Hot New Track, "Pretend"

Rhode Island rapper, Atman, has released the leading track of his upcoming project, "Silent Hill" The track is a shot at all the pretenders of the world and the pointlessness of their efforts.

The track is from Atman's project, "Silent Hill" and has a New York old school rap feel to the track. Unlike most other rappers who gain fame, Atman keeps it real and raps about the people in the world who a pretenders and phoneys. Hence why the track is titled, "Pretend"

Atman has a strong message he wants to share in his rhymes, and he has been successful in finding a fanbase, but the hardworking and dedicated rapper won't stop doing his thing until his message can be heard by so much more people.

You can purchase the single for as little as $1 USD, what you will receive is a track with a lot of meaning and wisdom needed to be shared by the rapper.

The track is available here!