Chand K Nova Released A New EP , "Uncuffed", A Collection Of 5 Unique Instrumentals

Chand K Nova, has composed,produced,performed and recorded 5 tracks for his new EP titled "Uncuffed"

The EP is a collection of finely crafted instrumentals by Nova, all with a differing style, and set to tell a story with the audience's interpretation.

The guitars play a strong role in the tracks, and are a crucial part of the story telling.

Chand K Nova is from London, England, he does however have a Latino and tropical style of music portrayed in his opening track, which does make you enthusiastic about whats next to come on this sophisticated collection of tracks.

All the instruments played in the tracks, are all played by the one of kind, talented Chand K Nova.

If you need some chill music for work, study or just something easy to listen to, Look no further then the Uncuffed EP, performed by Chand K Nova.