Evan Ebanks Set To Release A Leading Single & A Superb New Album!

Mirmar rapper, Evan Ebanks, is set to release his new single "Antisocial", on October 3, and his self title album "Evan Ebanks" on October 17, preorders are available on October 11.

We were given an exclusive listen to the album and new single before the release, and we were beyond impressed of the music Evan Ebanks surprised us with. It felt like a gift on Christmas morning.

Firstly, the leading single "Antisocial" is an RnB/Pop styled song, similar to the style of Bryson Tiller or Chris Brown. The themes of the song are somewhat very relatable, and just overall a great song to listen to, and can be easily loved by any young person.

The leading single's style, is the glimpse of the continued style you can expect to hear throughout the album.

The album is a flow of 10 brilliantly composed tracks, all with Ebank's vocals. The snare, hi hats and bass are all perfectly synced in every song. The album sounds complete and that it will be successful upon release.

There is no doubt, that this album will be beyond successful upon release, Ebank's shows his hard work and dedication on the album, and it is evident as the quality of music is beyond accepted.

Currently, Evan is very underrated for the talents and capabilities that he shows in is music, however, it won't be long until this artist is heard by the music community, and makes a name for himself, and a positive effect on who he shares his music with.

If you love the style of Bryson Tiller, Chris Brown or some sexy tunes, I recomened that you give this album upon the release. Here are the dates you need to know:

Antisocial (Single) - October 3

Evan Ebanks Album Preorder - October 11

Evan Ebanks Album Release - October 17

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