Lil Pez Drops Some Fresh New Bars On His New Song, "Ain't Going Back"

With his mix-tape on the way, Lil Pez is making a name for himself using Sound-Cloud and his fast growing popularity to share his music. The American rapper dropped a new song today titled, "Ain't Going Back" Produced by Brendobeats.

It is the rappers third track on the account, and my personal favourite from the artist so far. Lil Pez drops some serious bars.

The track is about the grind of his rap career, and how he's not going back to his old lifestyle, after he profits from his career.

Lil Pez can keep up with the pace and endurance of a professional rapper, I recommend you listen to the track if you have a few minutes to kill and want to hear a dope track.

There is no release date confirmed for the mix-tape, however, we know it is on the way, and Fresh Out Of The Booth will be the first to report of it.