Demi Lovato's New Album "Tell Me You Love Me" Out September 29

Demi Lovato's 6th studio album, "Tell Me You Love Me" will be released this week (September 29), which is the follow-up from her last successful album, "Confident".

The new pop album will be a success it climbing the charts, however, it will have a challenge, as Miley Cyrus' new album, "Younger Now", will be released on the same date. Which album will come out on top? We will have to wait and see. Fresh Out Of The Booth, however, predict that Miley Cyrus might just top Demi Lovato, due to the heavy campaigning of her album for a while now, and her participation as a judge on The Voice.

Tell Me You Love Me will consist of 12 tracks-

1- Sorry Not Sorry 2- Tell Me You Love Me 3- Sexy Dirty Love 4- You Don't Do It For Me Anymore 5- Daddy Issues 6- Ruin The Friendship 7- Only Forever 8- Lonely 9- Cry Baby 10- Games 11- Concentrate 12- Hitchhiker

By the titles of the sons in the released track list, It doesn't look like this album isn't going to be the most vibrant of albums Demi has produced. However, it is expected that the album will connect with the fans on an emotional level.