Miley Cyrus' New Album "Younger Now" Out September 29

Radical artist Miley Cyrus is preparing for the release of her sixth studio album "Younger Now", with the release date set for September 29, the same day as Demi Lovato.

From being the classic American sweetheart to swinging naked on a wrecking ball and grinding on Robin Thicke at 2013. The artist has since come out and said that she is not afraid of who she used to be, and is releasing a little less more extreme Miley persona album.

The artist is currently a judge on The Voice US and is obtaining good publicity for her upcoming album.

The RCA Records album will be eleven tracks long:

1- Younger Now 2- Malibu 3- Rainbowland 4- Week Without You 5- Miss You So Much 6- I Would Die For you 7- Thinkin' 8- Bad Mood 9- Love Someone 10- She's Not Him 11- Inspired

The highly anticipated album will be released on September 29, alongside Demi Lovato's new release, "Tell Me You Love Me"