Deborah Henriksson's New Soulful Album "Near And Far"

Sweedish artist Deborah Henriksson has released a five-star symphonic composition, for people around the world to enjoy and listen to. The album,"Near and Far" was produced and arranged by Matts Nyman. Matt also performed all of the instruments. The album was recorded in Deborah's home country of Sweeden, along with some music videos filmed in Massachusetts.

The Celtic-pop album is heartfelt and meaningful, with ten beautifully composed track, all with true emotion felt.

The album is like non-other, Deborah has graceful and blessed vocals she shares with the world in this new album.

For Deborah's amazing work on the album, she was nominated for an award in the "UKSC 2017".

The artist has a great gift and one of the most soulful and graceful voices heard. Deborah's voice is clear and poetic, and soothing to listen to in time of relaxation.

The instruments mix extremely well together, to make this masterpiece complete. From the high-pitched flares in "Breakers Roar" to the solid rhythm guitar in "Wide Open" all the selected instruments have their own personality and come together to compose a great album.

Deborah also has two cinematic and aesthetically pleasing music videos to accompany her tracks "Face Your Fears" and "Breakers Roar", both filmed in the beautiful state of Massachusetts in The United States.

All around the world, Deborah's music is listened to by thousands of fans, and we hope you give her album a listen to. It is the perfect album to put on and relax to after a long day, featuring the one of a kind vocals Deborah Henriksson provides.

Purchase/Stream the album here.