Ricky Persaud Jr.'s New Album "Optimistic Bliss"

Raggae Rock sensation Ricky Persaud Jr. has released his 4th studio album "Optimistic Bliss" to share his grooves and funk with the world.

Ricky is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and arranger. His music style is Reggae Rock. The multi-talented artist is also in the Berklee College of Music Class 2021.

In his latest album, he performs all the instruments and produced the album with Ricky Persaud Sr. The album was then mastered by Gar Francis at Bongo Boy Records.

We haven't quite heard a Reggae Rock album before, but after listening to this album, Ricky creates a fine reputation for the album. The grooves can be found in every single song. Each song on the album has a rhythm that just makes you want to tap your foot and bob your head, quite literally.

The instruments all come together, to compose a chilled melody, a compilation of songs you can listen to, and then simply relax.

Fresh Out Of The Booth's favourite track on the album is "It's Alright", a calm mellow song, which stands out from the other songs. It's a relaxing sensation and an instant mood lifter.

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Let Me See 3:24 2. Sound Of A Hit 3:40 3. Ooh Baby 3:23 4. Reggae Blues 3:36 5. Jah I Need Your Love 2:55 6. Girl Has The Essence 3:47 7. It's Alright 4:26 8. People Of The World 4:13 9. Goodbye 16 4:12 10. Feel The Love 4:29 11. Optimistic Bliss 3:23 12. Alive 3:35

Ricky is still very young, so we can expect his career to bloom and make it big in the industry. Give this album a listen on Spotify or purchase it using this link.