LLANE-A's Fresh New Exciting Track "I Just Learned"

Here at Fresh Out Of The Booth, We love LLANE-A's work with passion. We've promoted tacks such as "I Don't" and "Mine". Today, LLANE-A has a new track he has shared with us titled, "I Just Learned".

LLANE-A has produced another quality track, he raps about his maturity and progress through the music career. Themes are not failing and just learning how to improve and become greater.

As a press-company that has witnessed LLANE-A's career blossom, we are impressed and proud of the rapper's career going upwards. LLANE-A is a dedicated hard worker and makes his dreams become a reality.

All of the rapper's work is quality and perfected, "I Just Learned" is no different, with a phenomenal lyric choice and enriched bass, this track is the perfect triumphant song to listen to.

The whole project was produced,mixed and mastered by LLANE-A, a major step up from his previous work. The song has a lot of soul power and emotion within the lyrics, and that's what completes the track and makes it legendary.

We are looking foward to more work by this extrodinary artist who continues to impress us even more as each track is released.

You can listen to "I Just Learned right here: