ReachingNova Releases 2017 EP "It Was What It Was" - And It's Great

New York rapper ReachingNova, has released his new 2017 EP "It Was What It Was", an EP that captures the attention from the listener from beginning to end. The EP is jam-packed with trap rap and features including Dave East.

This release is the follow-up to ReachingNova’s solo-debut album, “It’s About Time”, released earlier in 2016. With songs such as “An Evening in Tampa Bay”, “Beach Waves”, and “I Remember” - the album would solidify the artist’s reputation, as the tracks were streamed heavily across the country and abroad!

The sound of this release is a great show of growth and maturity: while ReachingNova set out to create an even punchier approach to sonic aesthetics and production, he is still very direct in his energy and lyrical flow, going for a more sophisticated production, while maintaining the energy of his music intact and pure.

In fact, ReachingNova's strive for improvement is evident with the great amount of effort and dedication found in this new Ep. RachingNova is one of the hardest working rappers we've heard in a while. The sleepless nights of perfecting his rap are evident on this EP, as the end result of the album is phenomenal.

The opening track "71813" featuring Richie Wess, captures the listener's attention. The song has factors every rap fan embraces such as a lyrical flow, bass, and energy.

Followed by the opening track is "Don't Matter" featuring KD, a track was we see an insight to RachingNova's hard work and passion for his music.

Next up is "Once Again" featuring Teemonee. A track with the lyric flow and a triumphant beat, the song has hype, excitement, and energy throughout the song.

The next track is the most anticipated, with such a prestigious feature. "World So Empty" features Dave East, and it keeps the lyric flow and energy seen throughout the entire EP. Dave East's addition to the track adds energy and greatness.

The entire EP is produced extremely well, with consistent energy and hype, the EP can be enjoyed by any rap fan. We strongly recommend you give this EP a listen, all links to as where you can listen to the EP are below.