Elektronik Estate's Dancy New Track "We Moved On" + Music Video

Artist Elektronik Estate has released a bouncy new track titled "We Moved On" with an electronic R&B - pop twist. He features artist James Garielle and accompanies the track with a music video.

The artist is known for his groovy dancing beat with an R&B twist. The artist is yet to release an album but has a compilation of his top tracks available on Spotify.

Unlike many mainstream artists, Elektronik Estate likes to experiment with his music, to find the perfect groove. He will decide what vocals need to be added in for a feature, vocal style, beat style and the flow of the song.

"We Moved On" is a perfectly crafted composition, with a thumping bass, and appropriate vocals to make the track smooth and clean.

Accompanied by the track is the music video, created by Elektronik Estate himself. The artist is truly talented in multiple areas to be able to create a song and on top of that, pull of a music video.

You can view the music video here:

More information about Elektronik Estate is available on his website.