Joey Britton's New Soulful and Sincere Album "Edmonton Sessions"

Joey Britton has released his new Pop/Rock album titled "Edmonton Sessions" the album is a grateful 8 tracks long and hits all the calming notes for the chilled music enthusiast.

The vocals provided by Joey are calm and collected. The vocals appropriately fit the rhythm and the vibe consistent throughout the album.

The rhythm, however, does get more intense later down the album, but the transition is natural and perfected.

Joey Britton started his journey in music at an early age. He joined the band ISO and played lead guitar helping to launch the Torn and Tethered Album.

After ISO, Joey decided to move to California to expand his skills in the music industry while writing, recording, and producing his own records.

"I try to write songs that tell stories, relate to people, so that when you listen to them - you realize you're not alone," said Joey Britton, and his ideas about music are shared successfully in his new album.

Joey will continue to strive in the music industry, blessing his listeners with more music to come, as he is a dedicated and passionate artist, ready to spread the love in his music.

You can download the album on iTunes here

You can also visit Joey's Website here