Tiger Fang's Latest Track "Jahannam"

LA rapper from Koreatown, Tiger Fang is putting the trippy music and vibes in rap. His latest song "Jahannam", has flow, different vocals, and a scary vibe to the jam as well.

The idea of the track is outside of the box and unlike any style I've heard before. The dark track and the flow all come together to create a different yet captivating track.

The track is already well received by the community, with everyone digging Tiger Fang's style and wanting more.

Also accompanied by the track is an appropriate visual to support the themes. It's black and white for the most part and trippy as all. Tiger Fang surely succeeded when he said to us "I'm trying to make trippy music".

Go and check out Tiger Fang's new track "Jahannam" on Soundcloud here:

Also, note that his upcoming EP "Jahan's Inferno" is coming soon, and we can't wait for this EP to change the way we listen to rap.