Kid Kite Remixes F*ckin Problems By A$AP Rocky WithDaft Punk "Derezzed"

Soundcloud DJ Kid Kite loves to experiment with music. His latest project involves mixing the iconic A$AP track "F*ckin Problems" with Daft Punk's song " Derezzed ".

The mix features the verses from Drake, Kendrick, and A$AP Rocky on the Daft Punk track to make a hard and engaging mix.

The track is definitely experimental and well executed. Kid Kite's talent goes beyond belief and has a great taste for mixing music perfectly.

Kid Kite has seven tracks on his growing SoundCloud, he hit immense success with his "Cheap Horror Movies Mixtape". Surpassing 2000 listens on SoundCloud.

Kid Kite has so much potential and future in music ahead, we are excited to see what he produces next.