Young Lit Hippy #OneTakeContest , Music Video Plot Twist Nobody Was Expecting

Young Lit Hippy has always got a creative trick up his sleeve. Every project has a touch of creativity and innovative ways to stand out. Young Lit Hippy took this creativity to a new level with his new music video for the #OneTakeContest.

The #OneTakeContest starts off as a stereotypical mix tape video. Young Lit Hippy is preparing to spit some fire bars into the mic, but weirdly, he starts getting technical with his mic. The setup is a portable set up mind you, set up in what looks to be a hotel.

Young Lit Hippy is focused into the camera while he disconnects the mic from what the audience thinks he is rapping into, and continues to take apart his whole home made studio, in one take, while starring into the camera, and keeping up with a fire flow and pace.

The Portland rapper has almost surpassed 40,000 twitter followers and his creating a name for himself in the rapping industry.

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