Francisco Recabarren Releases Debut Album "Stories Of A Global Pilgrim"

Francisco Recabarren is an artist from the Electronic Pop/Rock genre. After many years creating and producing music, he finally released his debut solo album "Stories Of A Global Pilgrim " in October 2017.

The album is 12 track longs and is available on most streaming platforms.

We find the first official solo album by Chilean-born musician, songwriter, and producer Francisco Recabarren, as a triumphant and exciting mix of twelve perfectly composed tracks.

The wide range of wholesome lyrics covering topics from the artist's personal life to global issues is a genuine and effective mix with the all love beat that can be felt across all twelve tracks.

Go show this new artist some love and appreciation for his hard work and listen to what he has to say. Francisco is a dedicated and hardworking artist so it shouldn't be long till we see another project from the rapidly growing artist.

You can purchase the album on BANDCAMP here