"Stars" By Blythe Baines - The Best New Song You Will Hear This Week

A new sound cloud musician has emerged, a talented artist by the name of Blythe Baines. The Los Angeles triphop artist has released a new song on the streaming platform titled "STARS".

The song was written with producer Reece Hampton as an homage to Carl Sagan.

The track has a very warm bass, and the vocals provided by Baines feel so clean and neccesary to the track. It's chill and has some very warm vibes to the track.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best new songs I have come across this week as a music blogger. That's a very big deal. I am thankful for Sound-cloud giving musicians like Blythe the platform to share their talents with the world, otherwise, we would have never come across these beautiful sounds.

You can listen to the track "STARS" here:

Blythe Baines' EP is coming out January 5th, and I personally can not wait. STARS has really grabbed my attention for this artist.