Grey Wiese Releases New Glorious Track, 'I Set You Free'

Vocalist Grey Wiese has released his new track titled 'I Set You Free', a track full of triumphant and glory. With the perfect mix of vocals and array of instruments used, this track is overall a great composition.

The track is soulful, yet carries out the pop genre vibe. It is evident the emotion and hard work Wiese has put into this track.

Wiese is a rapidly growing artist and is tapping into the music industry with a great first impression.

The artist is also known for other projects such as 'We Are In Love' and 'Who Are You'. You often find the themes of maturity and thoughtfulness in his music.

His discography and all other information can be found on his website, including his latest release 'I Set You Free' -

The track is also available on Google Play, itunes, Spotify and More.