So Hard to Say (Remix) Out Now

Following the success with “So Hard to Say” single by Flaviyake that is No 1 for the 3rd week on Indie Chart, Newshine FM, the artist released an English-Spanish remix with a Mexican producer Ricardo Padua.

Flaviyake and Ricardo Padua are Pop singers, songwriters and producers. Ricardo Padua also has over a million streams on Spotify.

Originally the song was released on Flaviyake’s debut album “Bad in Bed” and hit #1 on Indie Chart, NewshineFM radio, in September. The album was covered on HaffingtonPost, HypeMachine and 50 Cent’s blog.

This new release is the first official remix and the first of the three upcoming collaboration projects of Flaviyake who is going to be also a featured artist on albums in Japan and Australia.

Ricardo Padua has been producing for several international artists including the young pop star Kasey Filfield, has been asked to write songs for artists like Selena Gomez and Nicki Minaj.

Flaviyake, originally from Moldova, and Ricardo Padua, from Mexico, met at a GRAMMY event in Los Angeles. Their collaboration is a great example of the international opportunities that are open for independent artists nowadays over the internet. They both are bilingual songwriters. Flaviyake writes songs in English and Russian, Ricardo writes in English and Spanish. Both write for themselves and other artists.

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